Growler Chill Countertop System, Keeps Three Chilled On Tap At Home (video)

Growler Chill Countertop System

Beer drinkers that suffer a Growler or dual during home might be meddlesome in a new countertop chilling complement that has been designed by Randy Hollister, that is able of chilling and gripping uninformed 3 Growlers during a time.

Once commissioned a growlers and splash inside are accessible on daub during any time and a complement has been designed to safety freshness, purges oxygen and keeps a qualification splash deliciously cold prepared to be poured.

We trust qualification splash lovers everywhere merit to splash happy beer. Our goal is to safeguard qualification splash enthusiasts can get a many out of their possess personal find and scrutiny of fresh, dainty brews that ambience only as a brewer intended. At a core of a prophesy is a joining to ancillary a craftsmanship of inner breweries and a splash local movement by assisting them sell some-more beer.  Growler Chill is a domicile countertap that keeps 3 growlers cold, fresh, and on daub right during home.

Over a final dual years a pattern and engineering teams have worked tough to rise this patented, innovative apparatus that binds customary potion growlers and extends your beer’s life for weeks after opening. By recreating keg conditions, Growler Chill keeps your splash happy.

– COLD – Growler Chill is a refrigerated unit. You can adjust a inside ascetic from 38° F – 54° F. The section plugs into a customary 120 Volt opening and due to a good insulated and compress chill cover design, Growler Chill is rarely appetite efficient.

– DARK – When light strikes beer, a splash can turn skunked – inspiring both season and aroma. Growler Chill’s enclosed refrigeration section is totally dark, safeguarding your splash from light during all times.

– FREE FROM OXYGEN – Our law Virginator purges a oxygen in a headspace of your growler with CO2 before we insert a growler inside a device. This prevents oxygen from formulating off flavors in your splash before we have a possibility to suffer it.

– CARBONATION – Growler Chill uses an inner 90 gram libation class CO2 cartridge to safety and offer your growlers. The device also has an swap pier on a behind for those who wish to use their possess outmost CO2 source. This preserves a mutation of any flow for weeks after opening.

Source: Kickstarter

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